Facing History and Ourselves: Jewish Ed Opportunity on Elie Wiesel

Beginning January 14th – mark your calendars!
Dale Norman, our Director of Education and Lifelong Engagement (DELE) has arranged a unique learning opportunity for Congregation Shalom educators and members. Dale has arranged with Shira Deener, Director of the Jewish Education Program at Facing History and Ourselves (FH&O), to invite you to sign up for 2 interesting programs:

1. A Three-part Webinar Series Focusing on the Life of Elie Wiesel.

Part I Teaching Night (Jan. 14)

2: A Local Community Conversation with Dr. Ariel Burger: (Jan. 22)

At this community event, Dr. Ariel Burger will share his experiences as he observed Wiesel teach what it means to be human, modeling humanity and compassion for the other in this complex world.   
If interested, please be in touch with Shira via email. I am sure those of you who require PD hours can arrange that directly with Shira.