No Place on Earth – Film Screening

Sunday, March 26, 7-9pm

Last year, caver Chris Nicola shared his story of how he turned a rumor into a book and movie. This year, we will show his film! This movie will be screened at Congregation Temple in the Sanctuary. Chris Nicola will introduce the film and be available for Q&A after the screening (by Zoom). Refreshments will be served. Note: this film will be projected in-person, only. Registration is not required. However, if you plan to attend then please register to let the Adult Education Committee know you are interested. A reminder will be sent to those who have registered. Register here.

Some info on the film:

In 1993, NYPD officer and caving enthusiast Chris Nicola visited Ukraine to explore the Verteba and Priest’s Grotto caves, and found evidence that they had recently been inhabited by humans. After discovering that the caves were used by three Jewish families (Stermer, Dodyk, and Wexler), comprising 38 people, led by matriarch Esther Stermer (1888–1983), escaping The Holocaust, he embarked on a decade-long quest to find survivors. The film features interviews with some of the 36 survivors and/or their descendants, now living mainly in New York City and Montreal. It includes a segment in which Tobias brings some of the survivors, the oldest of whom was a nonagenarian, back to the caves.