The High Holidays at Congregation Shalom

Pitchu li sha-arey tzedek, avo vam odeh yah

Open the gates of justice. Open the gates to Shalom… Let us enter our gates together and find community, friendship, support, celebration… Let us enter our gates together and find prayer, music, study, meditation, spirituality, wholeness… Let us enter the gates to this New Year together and may we find renewal for ourselves, which we are all so in need of and let us find a reinvigorated congregation prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges before us.

The doors of our community are wide open and ready to welcome you into this New Year of 5781!

Please join us for High Holiday Services, Activities and Events. We invite you and your family to join us again in our holiday prayer experiences, celebrations and activities. Although the holidays this coming year will be different from those in the past, we have planned a wide range of meaningful opportunities for prayers, rituals, community, and friendship.

A calendar of everything that we’ve planned for the High Holidays is available here.

Please understand that we are still fine-tuning some of the details, so there may be some changes as we get closer to the holidays. Please contact our office if you are interested in pre-registering for any of these events. We will then provide Zoom links and more information.