Lifelong Learning

At Congregation Shalom, we are dedicated to a lifelong learning program. Our children can begin religious school at age 3 and continue their Jewish education right through 12th grade. Included in their journey are the life cycle events of Consecration (1st grade), Bar/Bat Mitzvah (7th grade), and Confirmation (10th grade). We also have a very active Adult Education program including text study, Hebrew classes, interfaith activities, spirituality programs and more.

Religious/Hebrew School

Inspiring a Love of Jewish Life is Congregation Shalom’s Religious School’s vision statement. Our Director of Education and Lifelong Engagement, and Rabbi Perry, working in partnership with the School Committee, structure our Jewish education program. Together they strive to provide the children with a positive Jewish educational experience.

What do you want your 18 year old child to know/feel about Judaism?

The mission of our Religious School is to shape your child’s Jewish identity by building our curriculum to answer this exact question.

Read more about our Pre School, Religious School and Hebrew School with the links below.

 Pre School

Ages 3-5

Meets twice a month

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Religious School

Grades K-7

Meets on Sundays

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 Hebrew School

Grades 3-7

Meets Wednesdays

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 High School

Grades 8-12

Days vary by grade

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Adult Education

In the ancient Jewish text, Pirke Avot: The Wisdom of the Jewish Sages, it is written, “Joshua Ben Perachiah says: Find yourself a teacher. Get yourself a friend and give everybody the benefit of the doubt.” (1:6). These wise words are not easily improved upon, but in our own generation a contemporary rabbi added his own insights and layers of meaning when he offered this contemporary translation: “Joshua ben Perachya said: Find a teacher to challenge your answers. Acquire a friend to challenge your questions. Allow everyone the room to doubt: the ability to challenge opinions – even your own.” (Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro)

Lifelong learning is central to Congregation Shalom’s mission statement. With our Adult Education programs, we strive to offer learning opportunities that stretch our minds, challenge our pre-conceptions and deepen our love of Jewish life and knowledge. Our hope is that we can do this in a manner in which friendship and personal growth go hand-in-hand.

Over the years we have offered classes in basic Jewish knowledge including Adult Hebrew, Adult Bar/Bat Mtizvah, Intro to Judaism, A Taste of Judaism, Jewish Life-Cycle, Jewish Theology, Torah study, and Talmud. We have also had classes in Torah Cantilation, Yiddish, Jewish cooking and Israeli Dance.

On a more permanent basis, we have an ongoing Jewish spirituality class that meets once a month on Tuesday mornings. Also, this past year, we began a Jewish Meditation and Drumming Circle that we hope to continue on a monthly basis next year. In addition to these classes, we offer special events, movies and speakers throughout the year.

Our Adult Education program is designed for all members, no matter your background. Whether you grew up being exposed to a lot of Jewish education or whether you grew up in another faith, it doesn’t matter. At Congregation Shalom, we want everyone to know that the path of Jewish learning is dynamic, rewarding and enriching. We hope you will join us on the journey of lifelong learning!