Join a Chavurah, an Affinity Group, or Both!

Small groups are an excellent way to foster deeper friendships and a stronger congregational community. Getting to know people in a congregation can be intimidating to some. A small group like a Chavurah or Affinity Group allows additional ways to connect by creating smaller communities within the larger temple community.


Celebrate Jewish life with old friends and new!

Chavurah (Chavurot is plural) comes from the Hebrew word Chaver, meaning friend. A Chavurah is a group of approximately 4-6 families, or up to 20 individuals, who get together on a regular basis to celebrate Jewish life. Members of a Chavurah make a commitment to meet regularly, usually several times a year.



Affinity Groups

Connect with other members with common interests

An Affinity Group (or interest group) offers the chance to connect with other members through shared interests, hobbies, activities or topics. These groups will cross demographic lines and bring individuals with common interests together within our community.

Current Chavurah/Affinity Group Offerings

  • Board/Table Games
  • Contemporary Jewish Issues
  • Cooking
  • Movies/Culture/Music
  • Israel Language/Culture

Find out more about Chavurot and Affinity Groups at Congregation Shalom.