Hebrew School

Students, grades 3-7 meet on Wednesday afternoons for our Hebrew/Tefillah program.

The goal of our Hebrew curricula is that students will have the skills to lead and participate in worship and be comfortable as part of a minyan (prayer community). Spiritual development is encouraged through the many facets of prayer, such as contemplation, creative prayer, brachot (blessings), and the joy of song. Our students recognize Hebrew as both a living language and one that unites Jews across the world, as well as a holy language of Tefillah (prayer) and Torah. Our students are taught to read siddur (prayer book) Hebrew fluently, be aware of its theological themes and general concepts of the Shabbat and festival services, as well as learning basic grammatical forms.

Once a month the whole school joins together for a Ma’ariv evening service led by a different class.