Adult Education Offerings 2022-2023/5783

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Special Events

Fermentation Class
Food demonstration of Lacto-fermented pickles &sauerkraut by Emily Makrez.
Sunday 9/11/22 5:00 PM in-person

Yiddish Classes
Come learn some Yiddish! Ilana Goldberg will teach from California.
Mondays at 7:00pm: 10/10/22, 10/17/22, 10/24/22, 11/14/22, 11/21/22, 11/28/22 on Zoom

Getting Good at Getting Older
Join a discussion group led by Ron Michaud and Tamar Wexler, walking us thru the Book Getting Good at Getting Older by Richard Siegel & Rabbi Laura Geller.
Sundays at 7:30pm: 10/23/22, 11/13/22, and 12/4/22 on Zoom

Program on Martin Buber
Join us for a talk led by Rabbi Dennis Ross on Martin Buber.
Thursday 1/12/23 at 7pm on Zoom

Pirkei Avot
Please join us for study sessions led by Rabbinical Student Aron Wander, from Israel.
Sundays at 11:30am: 1/22/23, 1/29/23, and 2/5/23 on Zoom

No Place On Earth
Film and discussion by Chris Nicola.
Sunday 3/26/23 at 7:00pm in-person

Prophetic Voices: Renewing and Reimagining Haftorah
Book presentation by Rabbi Barbara Symons
Saturday 4/1/23 at 7:30pm in-person
Group learning activity, discussion led by Rabbi Perry.
Tuesday 6/13/23 at 4:00pm on in-person or on zoom


On-Going Programs

Torah Study
Rabbi Perry will walk us through the weekly torah portion.
Sundays at 9am: 9/18/22, 10/23/22, 11/20/22, 12/11/22 on Zoom
Sundays at 10:30am 3/12/23, 4/2/23, 5/21/23, 6/11/23 on Zoom

Café Wisdom, Led by Rabbi Perry
Monthly program led by Rabbi Perry.
Tuesdays at 1030am: 10/22/22, 11/8/22, 12/13/22, 3/14/23, 4/11/23, 5/9/23 on Zoom

For more information, please contact the Adult Ed Committee.