Oneg Committee

The Oneg Committee schedules the hosts for the Oneg Shabbats for every Friday Evening Shabbat Service between September and June, including the Tot Shabbats, and the Onegs for Rosh Hashana, Sukkot and Simchat Torah. For further information about the Oneg Committee please contact the committee chair.

There is no formal scheduling of Onegs during July and August, but members may elect to host a small Oneg during the summer months. Requests are taken for the following year during the scheduling period, which occurs in July and August. If a request is not made, Onegs are assigned, with every effort being made to assign families to a service that will be compatible with their needs.

The entire list for the year is available on the Member’s Only page on this website and reminder letters are sent to the hosts approximately two weeks in advance of their Oneg.

Congregation Shalom has a tradition of all member families hosting two Onegs each year. Hosting an Oneg includes ALL of the following responsibilities:
• Bringing baked goods or fruit (to serve 15-20) to the service, AND
• Doing set-up, and/or clean-up with the other Oneg hosts for the service. (You’ll receive instructions by regular mail, then a reminder e-mail.)  Your Captain may choose to split set-up and clean-up duties among the participants, or have everyone help for the entire Oneg. AND
• Finding replacement hosts for your assigned dates should you later want to change your date.

If you are a newer member you will be placed with experienced members who will introduce you to the procedures. One host family serves as Captain (indicated by “C”) for each Oneg.

Due to the fact that we have several children in the congregation who have severe allergies to peanuts and tree nuts, we have instituted a policy for all Oneg food. Please do not bring any items to the Temple that contain these ingredients.

To report changes if you swap assignments with another member (so it can be corrected in our database to send e-mail reminders) please email the Oneg Committee.