Religious School


Religious School for kindergarten through seventh grade meets regularly on Sunday mornings. The Religious School curriculum fosters a sense of identification and commitment to Judaism and the Jewish people, and stresses an appreciation of Judaism’s historical, ethical and religious values. Social action activities are also integrated into the curriculum. Family education programs are offered periodically throughout the school year. For more information contact the Director of Education and Lifelong Engagement.


How would you answer the following question:
What do you want your 18 year old child to know/feel about Judaism?

The goal of our Religious School, whose vision statement is  Inspiring a Love of Jewish Life , is to shape your child’s Jewish identity by building our curriculum to answer this exact question. We organized our answers into five main categories: God, Israel, Ritual, Torah, and Mitzvot.

Some overarching goals include:

  • Take pride in being Jewish
  • Be committed to leading a life of Mitzvot
  • Have a connection to Israel
  • Have a sense of a personal relationship with God
  • Have an appreciation for Jewish history
  • Pray with intention
  • Keep a Jewish home
  • Have a commitment to the Jewish community
  • Understand the rhythm of the Jewish year
  • Study of Torah
  • Be able to participate in services
  • Be aware of/participate in Jewish life cycle events
  • Have knowledge of Jewish music
  • Know/practice Jewish values (righteous living in everyday life)

Curriculum Details by Grade

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