New Year, Renewal and Reconnection

October 2022   Keeping Connected

Dear Friends,
I hope that 5783 has begun sweetly for you and your family and that the New Year brings you a sense of renewal and reconnection after these last few years of isolation. In particular I hope that the congregation can become a place that you will find meaningful connections. There are many ways that you can gather with others at Congregation Shalom: social events, educational programs, Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Shalomites, social action/justice programs, music and so much more. If you have any ideas that you would like to suggest, please do not be shy. We want to be a congregation that meets the needs and vision of our membership and for that we need to hear from you. What is important to you at this point in your life and how can the synagogue support you along this journey? A true community is about partnership and dialogue and we welcome your input, energy and vision.

Congregation Shalom has always considered itself an extended family and I am inspired to see how quickly people respond when we ask you to support each other. I see this when a note goes out to the community asking folks to volunteer to bring meals to others in the congregation. This sense of extended family is also evident in the way that we have the Good and Welfare Card program. Many of our members send these cards to people in our community who have either celebrated a simcha or have been through a difficult challenge. Having personally been the recipient of such cards, it is very meaningful to know that others in the community are either celebrating with me or are extending support. If you want to learn more about this program, please reach out to Jane Nahabidian at
Finally, although many people are able to come to services on any given Shabbat, many are not able to or need to watch on livestream. There are two aspects of this that I would like tease out. First is that when we had services on Zoom, I was able to know who was participating. At this point, with live-stream I am not able to know you are participating and I cannot acknowledge you personally. If you are going to be on livestream services and would want me to know you are a part of our virtual community, please feel free to e-mail me at ahead of time. You can also include any names you want mentioned for the Mi Sheberach or Kaddish. Secondly I know that many of you regularly keep loved ones and friends in your prayers. if at any time you would want to have their names included for the Mi Sheberach, please let the office know during the week before any service. You can e-mail and Sandy will keep a running list of names during the week to be said for the Mi Sheberach. Please reach out by Thursday night for a name to be included on any given week.
Warm regards,
Rabbi Shoshana M. Perry