Heart Filled with Gratitude

December 2022   Keeping Connected

Dear Friends,

Many of you know, one month ago I had an accident walking my dog. As Lucca rushed after a beaver, I fell back and hit my head hard on rocks. The concussion and its effects have been humbling. I am feeling significantly better and although I am still dealing with some symptoms, I have begun to feel much more like myself. 

What I want to write about is gratitude. First, my heart is filled with gratitude for the generous outpouring of support I received in the last month from the Congregation Shalom community. It has truly felt like I am a part of an extended family. Thank you for your patience and concern as I have recovered. Thank you to everyone who made donations to Congregation Shalom in the spirit of honoring me and wishing me well. Thank you for the sweet notes of encouragement and healing wishes. Although the last month has been difficult it has been a reminder of the powerful force of community. In particular it has been a joy to rejoin the school community and to feel the kindness and sympathy from the children in the congregation. 

Finally, e-mail and screen time are still somewhat challenging for me. I hope to catch up on my correspondence in the coming weeks, but if you need something from me sooner, please do not hesitate to call.

I hope you will join us in the month ahead for Channukah festivities and I wish you all a season of light and love.

Warm regards,

Rabbi Shoshana Perry