Let Me Introduce Myself

Keeping Connected   October

Hello!  In case I have not had the opportunity to meet you or talk to you yet this year, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Deborah Morrissey and I will be the Interim Director of Education for the Religious School this year. I am excited to embark upon this adventure as I really do love the religious school at Congregation Shalom! I have been a teacher here for the past twelve years and have served on the School Committee for many years. My family have been members for about 16 years and all three of my children have happily and successfully been through the religious school programs, from Tot Shabbat through 12th grade graduation! (Well, the last one is in 12th grade this year.) If you ask any of them, they will tell you that they could not imagine not having Congregation Shalom in their lives.

I will be the interim director for this entire school year. The school is in a great place, supported by wonderful and experienced teachers and by the larger community. It has been a great opportunity diving into this role over the summer and getting the school up and running for this year. I really could not be doing it without all the care and support from the administration, families, teachers, Rabbi, School Committee and the entire Congregation Shalom family. It has been a true example of many people working together to create a good thing for all. In addition to my role as interim director of education, I will continue my role as a teacher in the school, teaching the younger children during the first session.

We have had a really great start to the school year. Each day of school I see happy students, involved families, and an environment that exudes a joy and happiness of being Jewish and joining together on the lifelong path of Jewish learning.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns that may arise during the year. I can be reached at eddirector@congregationshalom.org or templedeborahmorrissey@gmail.com.

Here’s to a wonderful school year together.