November Happenings

Keeping Connected   November 2019

As school is well underway, many exciting things are happening in the classroom and around the school. There is great excitement in the air regarding this year’s tzedakah project. This year, the Religious/Hebrew School is working towards donating money to the NEADS Program, which is a local organization that helps to train service dogs that then in turn help people who would benefit from having a service dog in their life. The bulletin board in the hallway is keeping track of the money collected.  Every time $18 is collected, a new red piece of leash is added on. Our goal this year is to turn the blue leash into a red leash.

Watch it change with us this year!


Schedule for November

November 1 – 3rd grade class dinner and Shabbat service

November 3 – Religious School, K-2 Family Ed

November 6 – Hebrew School, Chai School

November 10 – NO SCHOOL

November 13 – Hebrew School, Ma’ariv (Kitah Dalet), Chai School

November 17 – Religious School, Pre School

November 20 – Hebrew School, Chai School

November 24 – Religious School, Pre School

November 27 – NO SCHOOL

December 1 – NO SCHOOL