Reflections and Moving Forward


As we approach June, we reflect upon the year behind us and look ahead to the next school year!  We had some exciting end of the year activities as we wrapped up an exciting, challenging, unique and successful school year.

I could list many great things about the year but I thought I would let the students share some of their thoughts.

  • K-2 student – “I liked when we made Israel wind socks.”
  • 3rd grade student – “I like learning about the Dead Sea and making the egg float.”
  • 4th grade student – “I liked making the Tower of Babel.”
  • 5th grade student – “I like learning about King David.”
  • 6th grade student – “I liked the tenement museum tour.”
  • 7th grade student – “I enjoyed acting out life cycle events.”
  • Kitah Aleph student – “I learned all the letters of the aleph-bet.”
  • Kitah Bet student – “I enjoyed learning new words.”
  • Kitah Gimel student – I liked reading and chanting.”
  • Kitah Dalet student – “Learning Hebrew vocabulary was my favorite.”
  • Kitah Hey student – “I enjoyed learning more about the torah.”

In response to “Something you enjoyed this year…”

Jokes from my teacher Books
Talking to my friends Coloring
My teacher The songs
Being outside sometimes Art projects
Class breaks Discussions
Talks about random things Socializing
Learning Wise words of wisdom
Reading I enjoyed it all!


And the lists can go on and on.  I am really proud of everyone this year for pulling together in supportive and enthusiastic ways to help create a safe, healthy, fun, engaging and educational year.  Thank you to the School Committee, Rabbi Perry, the fabulous teachers, the amazing madrichim, the awesome students, the wonderful families and YOU!  Together we created a year to be proud of.

As we already begin to think about next year, here are a few things that you might find helpful in thinking about and planning for next year.

  • 3rd graders begin to come to temple twice a week, once for Religious School and once for Hebrew School
  • 5th graders come to school for the second session of the morning, which traditionally begins at 10:30am
  • 8th graders join Chai School and come to temple on Wednesday evenings
  • 11th graders attend Post Confirmation once a month

Unfortunately, at this time, there are no definite plans about the structure of the school for next year.  As I have mentioned before, we have learned a lot from this school year and hope to create a fabulous year next year using lessons learned, new and innovative ideas, along with some tried and true favorite parts of structuring the school.  If you have not yet shared your own thoughts and opinions from this year, please take some time to let me know.  I would love to hear your thought as we move ahead making plans for the next school year. (

I hope you all have a wonderful and restful summer.  And …. please encourage your student to practice Hebrew!

Thank you for a wonderful year,


Schedule for June

Sunday, June 6 – 10am 6th graders Wimple Painting at temple inside and outside
Friday, June 11 Confirmation Shabbat
Wednesday, June 16 Post Confirmation (last class) 6:30pm
Saturday, June 19 Temple Reunion in Parking Lot, Graduation