School Update

October 2020   Keeping Connected

L’shana tova to you and your families. I hope the start of the new year has brought you some renewal, joy and a sense of moving forward during these times of unusual circumstances.  It was awesome to see so many families join us in our Yom Rishon Parking Lot School kick off and it was really great to tune in with the students on Zoom for the first day of Hebrew School.  We are hoping to be able to plan more safe and engaging events for our school community as the year progresses.

It has been a very busy time with the planning and implementing of Religious and Hebrew School. Thank you for your patience and understanding as all the information is shared.  Also, thank you for your flexibility with various changes that have and will continue to happen as we forge ahead with some new ways of providing Jewish education for you and your children. A lot of information will continue to be sent to you through email this year to allow us to work together to create a connection and a working relationship with the school and your family. Please take the time to read your school emails.

As of this time, you should have already received the schedule for your students for both Religious School and Hebrew School. As mentioned in some previous communication, an email will be sent out early on Sunday mornings to inform you as to whether Sunday School and Sunday Hebrew will be held inside, outside or online for the morning. Again, it will be very important that you check in each week to see the plans for the day. Please help your student to dress accordingly on days that class will be held outside the building.

As school gets underway, it feels like a good time to quickly share some expectations for the year. We strongly encourage you to help to get your student to class on time this year (both in person and online.) We will have limited class time this year and we really want to make the most of the time that we do have. Being on time with also help with the health and safety of getting students in and out of the building. If your student will be having a class virtually, we ask that you help to instill good work habits with your child. Please help to both provide and support your student during class time to allow them to sit at a desk or upright in a chair to help provide a positive learning experience. We are also asking that all students attend virtual classes with a working microphone and with their video camera on to help create a sense of community and connection. As always, we will expect the students to act with kavod (respect), both in person and online. Each teacher, whether teaching remotely or in person will work with the class students to create a Class Brit, a document created together outlining rules and responsibilities of being in class. Take some time to discuss these ideas with your students.

All families have been asked to sign off on the Reopening Protocol for School. This document allows us to know that we will all be working together to help to keep our community safe and healthy.  Signing off on the document assures us that you will take responsibility in only sending your child and yourself into the temple after each person meets the criteria outlined in the form.  You can access the document here.  Only one form per family is needed.  Thank you in advance for taking care of this business.

I understand that we are experiencing challenging times in all parts of our lives.  I am comforted to embark upon this new year with the support and dedication of all the students, families, School Committee, temple community and the Rabbi.  Working together with patience and understanding will allow us to continue to create a stimulating, caring and enjoyable experience for everyone.  As we move ahead with supporting your children along their Jewish journey, I am hopeful to create a program that continues to instill a life time love of Jewish learning and ritual.

Looking forward to the year ahead with you and your family.

Schedule for October

Sunday, October 4 – Sunday Religious School and Sunday Hebrew School

Wednesday, October 7 – Wednesday Hebrew School

Friday, October 9 – Consecration Service (virtual)

Sunday, October 11 – NO SCHOOL due to holiday weekend

Wednesday, October 14 – Wednesday Hebrew School, tentative first day of Chai School

Sunday, October 18 – Sunday Religious School and Sunday Hebrew School

Wednesday, October 21 – Wednesday Hebrew School

Sunday, October 25 – Sunday Religious School and Sunday Hebrew School

Wednesday, October 28 – Hebrew School, Chai School

November 1 – Sunday Religious School and Sunday Hebrew School


Post Confirmation dates will be shared in the coming week.

L’shana tova,