March  2022   Keeping Connected

At the end of January (right after I wrote last month’s article,) the Religious School gathered (on Zoom) for two exciting programs centered around the idea of tzedakah. Kindergarten through 4th grade students gathered for a morning of TZEDAKAH! The students talked about the meaning of the word tzedakah (justice and fairness,) watched a short video about giving, heard a story about filling up the tzedakah box and sang songs. Each student found a tzedakah box, or something that can work like a tzedakah box from their home and were given the challenge to fill up their home tzedakah box. The second session students (grades 5th -7th) were given the opportunity to hear from a member from the International Institute of New England, to learn more about the refugee resettlement program and to get a better understanding of how the money we collect this year will be used to help the refugees from Afghanistan to resettle in our local communities. They thought about the experiences of refugees and considered what things would be essential to have as one resettles, what would be nice to have and what would be special to have. The older students also grabbed a tzedakah box from their home and were given the same challenge to fill it up.  On March 6, all the students are being asked to bring their home tzedakah boxes (hopefully filled up) to Religious School in the morning for the Tzedakah Challenge, a little friendly competition between the first and second sessions, to see who can bring in the most money! One of the students asked what the winner will receive. The answer was that the refugees are the winners in this challenge! (That answer actually satisfied the questioning student!) I encourage you to support your student with this fun Tzedakah Challenge and continue supporting the tzedakah project for the rest of the year.

The speaker from the IINE shared some staggering statistics, helping us all to understand the plight of the people coming in from Afghanistan. She told us that there are four times as many people resettling in our area than there was three years ago and the government financial support is not able to help all these people. There will be 2000 Afghans in Massachusetts, who will enter our country at the poverty level and are desperate for resources. Donating money to our ongoing tzedakah project is one way to continue to help.  Money and gift cards (Market Basket, Target, Amazon and WalMart) are appreciated. This link will also explain to you other ways that you and your family can help out at this time. One of the students asked about donating of other goods. The IINE link lists lots of items that they accept. I hope you take the time to look over the information they share on their website and find other ways in which your family can think about the Jewish value to welcome the stranger and care for others. If anyone is interested in spearheading a temple wide donation collection of acceptable goods for the refugees, please let me know.

While the students were immersed in ideas around tzedakah, the parents and teachers got the opportunity to conference together for a short time. Many families shared with me their appreciation for getting this time to hear about their students. The teachers found the time helpful in learning more about each student and connecting with families. The communication between school and home is invaluable in helping us to continue to create a successful Jewish learning environment for everyone. If you did not get to meet with your teacher and would still like to, please reach out to me or the teacher. Teachers are available throughout the year to connect with you for any reason. Again, open communication allows us all to support the students and families.

As always, thank you for your continued support and understanding as we continue to try to run a school in the midst of ever-changing policies related to COVID19.  Your flexibility and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

With gratitude,



March Schedule

(Subject to change depending on … COVID, snow, and who knows what else!)

Wednesday, March, 2022

  • Hebrew School
  • Chai School

Friday, March 4 – 5th Grade Family Shabbat at 7:00pm, all are invited

Sunday, March 6 – Religious School

TZEDAKAH CHALLENGE – bring in your filled tzedakah boxes from home for some  friendly competition!

  • NO Preschool
  • K – 7th, regular times
  • 6th grade Family Ed

Wednesday, March 9

  • Hebrew School
  • Chai School
  • Post Confirmation

Sunday, March 13 – Religious School (No Shacharit)

  • Preschool
  • K – 7th
  • 3rd grade Family Ed
  • 5th grade Family Ed

Wednesday, March 16

  • Hebrew School –
  • Chai School

Sunday, March 20 – PURIM at 10am for all

More information coming soon

Wednesday, March 23

  • Hebrew School
  • NO Chai School

Sunday, March 27 – Religious School

  • Preschool
  • K – 7th
  • 3rd Grade Parent Meeting
  • 4th grade Family Ed

Wednesday, March 30

  • Hebrew School –
  • Chai School Session 3 begins