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April 2022. Keeping Connected

We have rounded the corner and the end is in sight! Time flies when you are having fun and we have been having lots of fun this year, but we are getting closer to the end of the year. The last two months are just as important as the rest of the year so please support your students to finish out the year strong.  It is tempting as the weather gets nicer and sports and other events kick in to easily skip Religious or Hebrew School. Please think about the decisions you are choosing and do not forget about the importance of your students’ Jewish education and Jewish experiences.

We are already thinking about plans for next year and would love your input. As of now, it looks like Religious School on Sundays will be back fully in person, without remote links. During these last few weeks, all the teachers have been embracing the in-person opportunities to explore more hands on and experiential learning with the students, something that is very difficult to do virtually. In addition, it has been a good few months really working to reconnect as whole class communities. We have some work to make up in that area due to the pandemic, but the teachers have been creating various experiences to engage the whole class together and we have seen some really positive results.

The plans for Wednesday Hebrew School are still not solidified. There are pros and cons for returning fully in-person for Hebrew learning. The online Hebrew program has seen great success, though, again, we are missing out on the connecting as a community and the opportunities to experience the prayers and blessings in meaningful ways, which is so important in the growth and development of the Hebrew learning. Please reach out to me with your thoughts and opinions as we move ahead in making plans for next year.

Many thanks to everyone for an awesome tzedakah last month. The refugees from Afghanistan will reap the benefits of your generosity. In addition, thank you for your flexibility in “working outside of the box” for Purim this year! We had a really successful Purim celebration in the parking lot.Thank you to all of you for your help and participation.

As always, continue to encourage your students to practice their Hebrew at home, offer Jewish experiences at home and keep calm and tzedakah on!

With gratitude,


April Schedule

(Subject to change)

Friday, April 1 – 2nd Grade Family Shabbat at 7:00pm, all are invited

Sunday, April 3 – Religious School

  • NO Preschool
  • K – 7th, regular times
  • 6th grade Family Ed

Wednesday, April 6

  • Hebrew School
  • Chai School
  • Post Confirmation

Sunday, April 10 – Religious School

  • Preschool
  • K – 7th
  • 7th grade wedding
  • 5th and 6th grade wimpel painting

Wednesday, April 13

  • Hebrew School
  • Chai School

Sunday, April 17 – no school, Massachusetts April vacation

Wednesday, April 20 – no school, Massachusetts April vacation

Sunday, April 24 – no school, Massachusetts April vacation

Wednesday, April 27

  • Hebrew School
  • Chai School

Sunday, May 1 – Religious School

  • Preschool
  • K – 7th
  • 6th grade kallah – all day