What’s Happening with Hebrew?

Keeping Connected.  December 2022 

Aleph Bet Quest.  Hebrew Through Harmony.  Mitkadem.  Hebrew Word of the Week.  Hebrew Through Movement. Does any of this sound familiar to you? These are the different Hebrew experiences being offered to our student body this year.

The Hebrew atmosphere in our building this year is one of enthusiasm, excitement and anticipation. On any given Sunday or Wednesday, Hebrew is heard throughout the building. Children are moving about to Hebrew action words, reciting prayers and blessings, using new words in their own speech and so much more. Here is a quick rundown of what it going on with our Hebrew program.

AlephBet Quest – our 3rd graders are learning to decode Hebrew this year by learning the letters and vowels and the sounds they make. They are putting together long strings of letters and vowels and reading Hebrew words and some short sentences. It is really amazing to hear them read in such a short period of learning time.

Hebrew in Harmony – Our 4th graders are learning Hebrew this year using a curriculum called Hebrew in Harmony. The idea is to bring more music into learning Hebrew and offer new experiential ideas such as art and movement to help the students understand and interpret the prayers. The 4th graders bring great spirit to the Hebrew studies, as I often hear them chanting loudly and enthusiastically throughout the building!

Mitkadem – Mitkadem has been the Hebrew prayer curriculum that has been implemented at Congregation Shalom for many, many years. The 5th and 6th graders are working through various prayers and blessings, learning about the prayers and learning to read and chant. The students are dedicated and committed to learning these new prayers and are always proud and confident when they learn something new.

Hebrew Word of the Week – As you may know, this year we have begun a new idea of sharing a Hebrew word or two a week. The idea is to present a new word that might be able to be used in your everyday speech. The board in the lobby keeps track of the word each week, along with showcasing the previous words. You are all challenged to try to incorporate some of these words into your daily speech. I recently said “Kol Hakavod” to someone, and another student squealed “That means Good Job. It was a word of the week!”

Hebrew Through Movement – This is another new experience that we are implementing into our school and this includes Preschool through 7th graders. (The Chai Schoolers have also engaged in learning and responding to some Hebrew Through Movement commands.) Hebrew Through Movement (HTM) has been energizing Hebrew learning in our building as students run, jump, spin and point their way to learning basic vocabulary used in rituals, prayers and blessings. You can always count on seeing the students smiling and laughing during a HTM session.

No matter which curriculum or experiences your own student is engaged in, across the board we have implemented more hands-on experiences, learning in unique and fun ways through various exercises, games and new experiences. Students are working together to learn. They are helping and supporting each other. There is a positive feel in the Hebrew learning atmosphere and students appear to be engaged and happy!

Has your student talked about any of these Hebrew learning experiences? Please let me know what they are sharing with you at home. This information is helpful in moving forward to continue to create meaningful and joyful Hebrew learning experiences.

No article on Hebrew learning would be complete without a quick reminder of the importance of practicing Hebrew at home each week for short periods of time. The work the students and your family put into Hebrew learning now will be pay off later. Ask me about some fun ways to practice Hebrew at home! Practice helps you get better, so practice, practice, practice!

Here’s to the joys of December,



Friday, December 2– Family Shabbat, led by 5th graders

            Dinner at 6pm

            Shabbat Service at 7pm

Sunday, December 4



Wednesday, December 7

            Hebrew School

Friday, December 9 – Shalomites Creative Service at 6pm.

Sunday, December 11


            Shacharit Service

            6th Grade Family Ed

Tuesday, December 13

            Post Confirmation at Rabbi Perry’s – 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Wednesday, December 14

            Hebrew School

Sunday, December 18



            Hanukkah Party for all at Noon!

            First night of Hanukkah!

Wednesday, November 21

            Hebrew School

Sunday, December 25 – NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, December 28 – NO SCHOOL

Sunday, January 1, 2023 – NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, January 4

            Hebrew School

Friday, January 6 Family Shabbat, led by 4th graders

            Dinner at 6pm

            Shabbat Service at 7pm

Sunday, January 8