Kitchen Update

Keeping Connected   March 2020

Well, we are almost through the winter. Fingers crossed for an easy finale to winter.  Wanted to let you know that we are making progress on our kitchen updates.

  • To date, we have raised about $4800 toward this project.
  • About 3 weeks ago, a group of members came in on a Thursday morning and cleaned our attic space and kitchen of unnecessary items, most of which we were able to dispose of. A special thank you to Larry Cohen, Mitch Hyatt, Gerry Miller, Sandy Moore, Joanna Myers, Judy & Scott Reiter, Laura Rodman, and Bob & Pat Schneider for your time!

  • On February 16, another group of members including myself worked for about 4 hours and performed a deep cleaning of our kitchen. This was hard, physical work!! I have to express my sincere gratitude to Janice & Larry Cohen, Mitch Hyatt, Laura Rodman, Bob & Pat Schneider, and Tamar Szabo-Wexler. If you have not seen the clean space, I encourage you to take a peek next time you are at the temple.
  • On February 18, Two Chefs Catering provided us a free consultation and came in to provide recommendations on what we need to improve our kitchen. Interestingly, they actually don’t think our kitchen is so bad… But they do think we need to update our refrigerators, need a convection oven, and they agree our middle space could be improved with a more functional island. We are currently pricing out these items.

I hope to see many of you at the March 1 informational meeting about funding our community for the future.

Have a great month,