How Our Pledge System is Working

November 2021   Keeping Connected

Hi friends,  At this time of year, I like to provide our members with an update on how our pledge system is working and where we are relative to our budget.  We are doing great this year and are on track to meet or exceed our budgeted expectations.

Here are the statistics:

(as of 10/23/21)
# Pledge Commitments Received 192 202
# Pledge Commitments Not Received (but not resigned) 11 5
Total $$ Committed Pledges $336,590 $326,024
Total $$ Budgeted Pledges $333,000 $323,000
# Pledges Equal to Sustaining # 50 51
# Pledges Over Sustaining # 29 32
% of Pledges Equal to or Over Sustaining # 41.1% 41.1%
# Pledges Below Sustaining # 113 119
# Pledges Up from Last Year 116 (62%) 41 (20%)
# Pledges Down from Last Year 21 (11%) 50 (25%)
# Pledges Same as Last Year 49 (26%) 111 (54%)
# New Member Families 7 7
# Resignations 9 8
Sustaining # $2,450 $2,375

I hope you can see that these are great statistics:

  • We have exceeded what we budgeted in committed pledges.
  • 116 member families increased their pledge this year compared to last year! This is amazing!!

Thank you all for your commitment to Congregation Shalom!!

We are in need of some volunteers to help out with our membership committee, our security committee, and our house committee.  PLEASE consider giving your time to a committee and making a difference in the operation and future of our temple.  Please let me know if you are interested.

Finally, next month you will be hearing from me as we begin a capital campaign toward some very overdue improvements needed in our sanctuary and social hall, namely some painting and new carpeting.  I am very excited to begin this campaign and for the eventual enhancements and renewal to our spiritual home.  I hope you will join me in this excitement….

Please stay well and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday (it’s hard to believe we are already talking about Thanksgiving).