New Hope for the Upcoming Year

May 2021    Keeping Connected

Happy Spring!! It’s nice to finally have some nicer weather and also some new hope for the upcoming year.  As you can imagine, we have been discussing what’s next for Congregation Shalom. We will be taking things one step at a time and not rushing into anything as far as the re-opening of the building. The Phased Reopening Committee is meeting more frequently now in order to keep up with the latest metrics and building use for current life cycle events. Our building is in good shape as far as being a safe place due to the updates we made throughout this past year (e.g., changing HVAC filters, purchasing of indoor air purifiers, etc.).
Similar to many of you, I am ready to see my friends at Congregation Shalom (and not on Zoom). It is time for that to happen in a safe way. I am working with Staci Landress and Tina Kempner to plan an outdoor event where we can safely congregate, see each other, and re-connect. As you have probably seen, this is going to happen on June 19, 5:30 PM. So, PLEASE save the date and please plan to come by. There will be music, food, activities for kids, a Havdalah service and time to re-connect with each other. An e-vite will be coming soon.
As you aware, we have upgraded our security system over the past year. At the June 19 event, we will begin to distribute the new key fobs to our members for access into the building. Your older key cards no longer work. We will also have training throughout the month of June for those who will be receiving key fobs with 24/7 access. There will be more information coming on when the training will happen.
We are currently in need of committee chairs for 2 very important committees, Communications and Membership. Please reach out to me if you are interested or if you know of someone who might be a good candidate for these roles.
Stay tuned, this year’s recipient of the Congregant of the Year award will be announced in late May….
Stay well..