New Website Coming Soon

August 2018 Newsletter Article

Dear friends,

In today’s fast-paced world, a website that is more than three years old looks dated.  The URJ recognized this and decided last year to switch all websites to a more modern platform.  This news happily came just a short time after our own Communications Committee recommended to the Board that we update our website.  Eileen Hirsch has once again put in the hours needed to design and create our next generation website, and thanks to the URJ and a member’s contribution it’s been done at no financial cost to our temple.

This new website will give a great new face to the world for Congregation Shalom, while continuing to provide all the information that members have come to expect.  Prospective members’ first contact with a synagogue is often through a website. Our home page is designed to show what we’re all about – highlighting our welcoming spirit, the caring nature of our community, and key events.  The home page also gives our members easy access to information on services, events, URJ articles, and more.

We will still have a Members Only section, tailored to the important information members need.  The Members Only section is similar to the old one and will evolve over time.

Like anything new, it might have some kinks to work out.  We have done our best but can’t anticipate everything.  If you click on the calendar and it doesn’t look right, if you have trouble logging in, if you try to make a donation and it’s not working – you get the idea, please just let us know.  Send a friendly email to Eileen at

If you’re eager to check it out, it won’t be long.  Sometime in late August when you type into your browser, you’ll be at the new site.

Joanna Myers