Security Continues to Be a Priority

Keeping Connected   February 2020

It’s been a while since I have discussed security. You heard a lot about it at the beginning of this year, around the high holidays. I want everyone to be aware that we are still actively working on ensuring the safety of our community and that it did not end at the high holidays. Two significant activities that are in process are as follows:

  • We have established a procedure for Security Greeters for our Shabbat services on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. This procedure has been approved by the board and the security committee is now hosting 2 training sessions on these procedures, on February 2 from 1-2 pm and on March 12 from 7-8 pm.  I hope you will consider attending one of these sessions. It is truly important that we all understand the balance between being welcoming and ensuring a safe community.
  • In the last month, Massachusetts has opened the process for a Homeland Security Commonwealth Nonprofit Security Grant. What this means is that we will be applying for a grant to provide our temple with an upgraded security system, including commercial cameras, a new entry system to replace key cards, a burglar alarm system to include panic buttons, and a sophisticated intercom system within the building and outside for our Security Greeters. The proposal for the grant is due January 31 and we should find out within one month if we will be awarded any funding. If we do receive an award, the state will dictate exactly what item they are funding and the amount. What I cannot emphasize enough is that the development of this proposal has taken many, many hours. If you happen to see Margie Berenson, Larry Cohen, Janet Dubner, Mitch Hyatt, and Laura Miller, PLEASE thank them. We all need to be very grateful for the time they have put into this. Even if we are not awarded a grant this time, a lot of the research and information has now been compiled so applying for the next grant opportunity should be a little easier.

I hope the winter goes easy on us this February. Stay safe and be well.