Shed Fundraiser

Keeping Connected  April 2023

Hi Friends,

Hope you are as ready for spring as I am.  I wanted to highlight two items this month.

First, the shed fundraiser.  I cannot express how important this shed is as the first step in rejuvenating our temple building.  We are going to gain a good amount of space and will be able to reduce the current clutter.  We have already raised 40% of the total price and I truly hope each membership family can contribute in some way.  If you think it would be beneficial to hear more about the specifics of the shed and other plans we have, please let me know and I will schedule an informational meeting.  But, if we do not have this informational meeting, please know I will speak about this at Annual Meeting (mark your calendar by the way for June 13, 6:30 PM).

Second, if you have put off nominating someone for Congregant of the Year, you have 2 weeks left to send in a write-up to me or any board member.  This is always a nice honor when we can recognize someone who goes above and beyond for our community.  We will be selecting this person toward the end of this month.

You will see some e-mails coming out soon from me on some fun upcoming events.  We are also going to have some ALICE security training refreshers in May.  I feel like there is sense of normalcy returning to our temple life.  I hope you feel it also.

Stay well and I hope to see you all at the Yard Sale (April 16).