Some New Things at the Temple

Keeping Connected  December 2022

Hi friends,

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and some quality family time. So, what are some new things going on at the temple? Well, 2 days ago, we received our signed contract back from the state for our security grant which will go toward the hardening of the exterior of our building. We have a few more steps to get through before we can officially start the project, including a Special Congregational Meeting, which will be required since this is a reimbursable grant, meaning we need approval from the congregation to first spend the money from the Building Fund with the knowledge that we will be reimbursed from this grant. We are still a couple of steps away from this meeting, but you will likely hear about it in the next 1-2 months. The Security, House, and Beautification committees are meeting now to agree on the final items we will be installing on our grounds as part of this grant.

We are also looking into rearranging some of our space within the building to make room for some more storage and better functionality. We have a committee working on this now. As part of this, we are also looking into purchasing a nice storage shed for outside. We will begin a fundraiser campaign for this shed in the very near future and I hope you will consider contributing to this much needed item. More to come very soon…

I hope you saw that we are offering FREE First Aid Training on December 11 from 1:30-4:30 PM at the temple. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn some first aid basics and how to use our AED equipment. Please sign up soon if you have not already, as we have limited attendance capacity.

That’s it for now…  Hope you all have a nice month, stay warm, and stay safe.