Our Temple Calendar Says A Lot!

March 2018 Newsletter Article

Our Board members have been busy lately, focused primarily on how to think strategically about the future and our fiscal responsibilities, along with a self-assessment of our leadership culture and values. Sounds pretty dry, doesn’t it? At times like this, I like to take a look at our temple calendar.

The calendar is so full that you have to be careful to click on all the places it says things like “+5 more” to be sure to see everything. I see 72 entries just for the month of March! (Now I see why it can be hard to get a room for a meeting.) The calendar is color-coded, which helps you zero in easily on what you’re most interested in. In addition to Worship, B’Nai Mitzvah rehearsals, and School, I spot six blocks in gold (Shalomites), four teal (Adult Ed), and four each in pink and blue(Sisterhood and Brotherhood, respectively).

Let me list out a sampling of the upcoming events. The school’s Purim Carnival is coming very shortly, thanks to the hard work of the Shalomites. There will be two Sunset Shabbat services, one with music by Shpiel and the other with Harmoniyah. Some of our older high school students are headed to Washington, DC on their L’Taken trip to learn about and participate in political activism. The upcoming holiday of Passover means Sisterhood will be making their annual shopping trip to Brookline and our Second Seder will be happening the last day of the month.

Our temple calendar can be a starting point if you’re looking to find out what our members are up to. It’s just one more way to connect. We post on Facebook, send emails, display items on the lobby TV, and use our Newsletter to publicize and give more information. But it’s all included in one of those brightly colored blocks of the temple calendar.