Caring Committee The Caring Committee is a vital part of Congregation Shalom. We, the members, consider ourselves an extended family, and in times of need, family is there for one another. More info.


College Committee The College Committee’s mission is to keep in touch with out member students in undergraduate colleges. More info.


Communications  The Communications Committee oversees a majority of communications for the Temple. More info.


Finance Committee The Finance Committee works with the Board of Trustees and other Committees to prepare and manage the annual congregational budget. More info.


Fine Arts/Beautification  This committee oversees the physical enhancement of the building. More info.


Fundraising Committee The Fundraising Committee evaluates and implements a wide range of fundraising options. More info.


House Committee The House Committee is responsible for providing suitable facilities for the congregation. More info.


Library Committee The library provides reference service and reading materials to every member in the Congregation, from babies to the elderly. More info.


Music Committee The Music  Committee strives to enhance the musical experience of Congregation Shalom for adults and children alike in worship and other musical events. More info.


Oneg Committee The Oneg Committee schedules the hosts for the Oneg Shabbats for every Friday evening Shabbat Service. More info.


Good & Welfare The Good & Welfare Committee handles the orders for the Good & Welfare Cards. More info.


Mishkan Advisory Committee This group meets periodically to discuss areas that pertain to matters of ritual such as prayer books, the different Shabbat services available to the congregation, etc… More info.


Scholarship Committee The Scholarship Committee oversees the distribution of funds to temple youth requesting assistance for the purpose of furthering Jewish experience. More info.


School Committee The School Committee is dedicated to ensuring that Congregation Shalom’s religious school provides a positive Jewish educational experience for our children. More info.


Social Action/Social Justice Committee  The mission of the Social Action/Social Justice Committee is to be the central resource for Jewish social action and justice to both Temple organizations and individuals in the Temple looking for ways to make a positive impact on the world. More info.


Youth Commission The Youth  Commission oversees the administration, budget, and programming of the Temple youth groups. More info.